Fitness Advice for Men: Build Muscle With SpecForce Alpha

Building and keeping muscle takes a lot of time and perseverance. The quick schemes you often see online are just illusions that make people spend money. To build muscle you must be willing to change your lifestyle. Avoid eating processed food such as cheese burgers, fries, pizzas, and other deep fried and processed food. Revert to eating raw food or food that requires little to no processing to get the most nutrients without diluting them with chemicals. You can eat steamed fish or chicken, and fresh fruits and vegetables, or all sorts of nuts to get the nutrients you need.

Eating foods and doing exercises that boost testosterone will make you feel good, and make you look good too. In my opinion, it is best to find a really great workout plan/diet and stick to it every day for a few months. Do that, and you are pretty much guaranteed to lose weight, get shredded, boost your testosterone, and put on muscle mass all at the same time! The program I’d recommend following personally is a called SpecForce Alpha. It’s not just an exercise plan, it’s like a blueprint for becoming an alpha male created by a SWAT team leader.

Using supplements also help you reach your fitness goals. Supplements help you gain strength and keep the muscle mass you built through your workouts. You can keep pushing your limits when you use supplements. You will be able to go beyond what your body can do when you use supplements in tandem with your workout program. Also, recovering is faster when you use supplements before and after each workout. The right nutrition and supplements will help you build muscle and sustain it over a long period of time.

There is a supplement that has been getting a lot of attention called Spartagen XT, you can read up on that if you are looking for a natural herbal supplement.


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Republican Presidential Candidates for the 2016 Election


June 2016 Update: Lol-ing about this post. Geez…

The primary elections start in little less than a year and speculations are rife about which individuals are likely to run as Republican presidential candidates. Let us take a look at the roster of potential candidates.

Jeb Bush, Florida Governor from 1999 to 2007, seems to be getting a lot of support. Poll results in South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire show Jeb Bush scoring double-digit support in all three states. Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, also shows double-digit support in all three states.

Bush is considered by many to be the party’s standard bearer. He has heavyweight political credentials and connections, with his intimate familial connections to former presidents. He is Florida’s one and only Republican Governor to hold the position for two terms. Some surmise, however, that his left leaning beliefs may work to his disadvantage.

That said, Bush is shockingly one of the only candidates with any true business experience! While other candidates have worked in law and medicine, there is a surprising lack on any real business experience amongst the current line-up. Frankly I find this a bit disturbing, and it is definitely an area where Bush has an edge. Some will debate whether business experience is really all that important for a president to have, citing Romney’s failure to get elected in 2012 despite Romney’s strong business resume.

These polls conducted by NBC News and the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion indicate that the Republican race is wide open – with other candidates getting double-digit support in one or two of the above-mentioned states. Experts surmise that the fight for the Republican nomination may turn out to be a free-for- all.

The other strong contenders for the nomination are the following:

Mike Huckabee – Arkansas Governor from 1996 to 2007. He was also a candidate for the presidential elections of 2008. Huckabee, known for his stalwart faith as an Evangelical Christian, is a Southern Baptist minister. People believe that when it comes to the race for the upcoming nomination, he has strong staying power due to the many early Southern primaries.

Chris Christie – Governor of New Jersey from 2010 to present. He presently holds the post of Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, assuming the position in 2013.

Senator Randal Howard Paul of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, physician and ophthalmologist, is the incumbent U.S. Senator of Kentucky, having assumed office in 2011. U.S. Texan Representative Ron Paul is his father.

Lindsey Olin Graham, native son of South Carolina, is senior U.S. Senator, serving in this capacity since 2003.

Ben Carson is a well-received author, philanthropist, and neurosurgeon – Director of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Department of Johns Hopkins Hospital.

James Richard Perry assumed the position of Governor of Texas from 2000 to 2015. Prior to that, he was Lieutenant Governor to George W. Bush, assuming the position of governor when then-Governor Bush was elected to office as U.S. President in 2000. Perry is the longest-serving governor in the history of Texas. He was a presidential candidate in the 2012 elections but failed to perform according to expectations. His effort to secure the Republican presidential nomination for the 2016 elections may very well be his last one.

Ted Cruz was educated in Harvard and Princeton. This brilliant lawyer, highly acclaimed for his exceptional oratory gift, is considered one of the strongest and scholarly principals of the tea party movement.

Rick Santorum served as Senator from Pennsylvania for two terms. He presently enjoys the strong support of a dedicated and steadfast base which is expected to grow, expanding his demographic strength in time for the nominations.

Marco Rubio was West Miami City Commissioner before being elected as Senator. He is now considered as one of the candidates with very strong chances at winning the bid for the Republican nominations.

What do you think of this line-up? I think Hillary better look out because she has a lot of heavy hitters to contend with here!

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