Investigation: Why Are Republican Women Hotter Than Liberal Chicks?

Untold millions of men have probably pondered the question of why female Republican candidates are usually so much hotter than their Democratic counterparts. Well, I have certainly wondered about this same thing myself, so I decided to write up a blog post sharing my thoughts on this perplexing and wondrously titillating subject.

The thing is, we all know that there are a lot of incredibly attractive liberal women out there. We might not agree with their politics, but there is no denying their womanly charms. And considering the fact that according to the polls American women more are more likely to be democrats, regardless of age, it makes sense that there are a great number of gorgeous left wing women out there. The question is why, with a few exceptions, these good looking left leaning women are staying out of politics?

After all, the Democrats are always talking about equal rights, and gender equality, so that would make you think that there would be more democratic stunners running for office!

Perhaps the answer is that in the Democrats attempt to remain “PC” (gag) they don’t like to be seen as “shallow”, so they resist the urge to promote or encourage attractive young females who could potentially be groomed for office.

Its common knowledge that Republicans (especially Trump) understand marketing and branding much better, so that would explain the greater number of easy-on-the-eyes women on the GOP side of the universe.